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Steel and Glory, Set 1, Mini-Game #45 PDF

$ 4.99

Lord John issued the order and his men-at-arms stepped forward, shields raised and swords drawn. Each man standing with his lord watched as the orcs gathered into an unruly mob, threats and swords raised in fury.

With a howl, the orc warlord Grom ordered his warriors to battle, the mob surging forward, each orc slobbering for the blood of the humans before them, each trying to be the first to draw blood and reap death among their foes.

Lord John ordered his men-at-arms to hold their line, to each man to gather his courage. As the mob of green orcs reached the armored line of men, the sounds of battle and the screams of the dying could be heard across the small.

This is Steal and Glory, a great S&G game from Avalon Games. A fast paced skirmish game of battle, skill and guts, Steel and Glory allows players to field small bands of warriors, who will then fight bloody engagements. Each set within the system will cover two different forces, and also offer new battle tiles, new abilities and new excitement. So don't wait, gather your warriors to you and fight for the glory of your chosen lord.

This first set covers the forces of the human barony and the savage orc and goblin forces of the warlord Grom. Fully expandable, add this set to the others within the system and you find you have a massive game system. Don't wait, join the rage and fight your foe to the death.