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Star Fury, Set #2, Mini-Game #88 PDF

$ 2.49

The Pirate Captain barked orders for his cybogs to fire their weapons.  

“Bring that damn battleship down me boys, that or watch all we have plundered fall to the far reaches of the universe.” With a shudder the pirate vessel pitched to port as the Federation Battleship opened up with its main gun, hitting the pirates’ flagship with Fusion missiles and laser beams.

This is Star Fury, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games.  Star Fury is a simple to play, but complex system for running small to large-scale star ship battles.  Design your own ships and fleets, or use the ready made ships supplied with this set and then launch your fleet in a desperate attempt to defeat your foe.  

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #87, Star Fury Set 1.