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Slipstream Bennies (Savage Worlds)

$ 14.99

This pack of twenty custom poker chips with four different retro-sci-fi designs will suck your imagination into the world of Slipstream as quickly as a black hole will drag your rocket ship into the Slipstream pocket dimension. Each design features iconic characters from Slipstream: a brave and dashing Earthling, a loyal and courageous Lion Man, a durable and stalwart Robot Man, and the beautiful and deadly Valkria.

You need all the luck you can get to challenge the evil Queen Anathraxa, and that luck just got a whole lot cooler!

Designed for use as Bennies for Savage Worlds, these custom poker chips could be used as counters or tokens for nearly any game.

20 chips, 4 styles, 11.5 gram ABS composite casino-style poker chips