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Cursed Empire: Slavers of Karg

$ 21.99

Here you have it, the second Cursed Empire Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplement. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for the Sourcebook and Darkun(tm) Supplement covers, interior art is by Rik Martin and Amandine Labarre.
  • 9 Guilds of Kurnor: -The Black Hand, Cutters, Daggers, Dengers, Hawks, Lifters, Pedlars, Runners etc.
  • Guild Interaction Chart
  • 15 Guild NPCh's (City Rabble and Criminals)
  • Imperial Army, History & Structure
  • Battle Formations
  • Officer Ranks
  • Regiment/Phallanx diagram
  • 14 Imperial Army NPCs (Champions and Officers)
  • 4 New Classes: -Bounty Hunter -Master of Battle -Master Locksmith -Phallanx Pillar
  • Rules For Creating New Classes
  • 20-page Scenario: Enter the Imperial City of Kurnor and infiltrate a dangerous
  • Slaver network through the city's Guilds.
  • Rules Relating to the Attribution of Points of Renown (PR)
  • New Character Sheet