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Simple Settings: Savage Lands (5e)

$ 19.95

Savage Lands is a guide to 5th edition pre-historic role playing! Play in a world before time, where you can fight and tame ancient creatures, traverse a primordial landscape, and fight for survival against the dangers and depredations of early civilization. Included are archetypes for character classes, new and relevant pre-historic themed races, thematically appropriate equipment, and a lot of advice and optional material that can help you make the most of your savage lands! Most exciting of all is that there is a bestiary full of amazing primordial monsters, as well and quick and easy swap outs to represent primordial beasts. Nearly all of the work has already been done for you, so pick up this book and see how exciting it could be to adventure and thrive in a bygone era! The Simple Setting line will provide you with intuitive set of rules that append the rules for 5th edition to make it fun and easy to imagine and explore an entire setting with minimal complexity and few changes. A simple setting is simply amazing!