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Shield Maidens: Players Guide

$ 49.99

Daughters of Freya, raise your shields!

Ragnarök rages. The cosmic tree Yggdrasil burns. The forces of the Fenrir Empire bleed life from the Nine Realms to fuel their growth. The mightiest men cannot stand against them.

Yet the Shield Maidens stand strong.

Empowered by a ferocious spirit to stand against oppression and renew the cycle of ages, Shield Maidens fuse magic and technology to channel the might of the gods. Wielding powerful Guardian Shields, neon emblems of undying honour, Shield Maidens dedicate their warrior souls to destroying the Imperial boot that crushes humanity by the neck.

A game of cosmic action in a high-tech Viking age!

Shield Maidens is a game of women standing shoulder to shoulder with their sisters against the forces allied against all humanity. Create a diverse, inclusive cast of characters and dive into an action-packed roleplaying game with quick, easy-to-learn rules that emphasise collaboration and teamwork. Be wary, the enemies of Midgard are many, and the gods will not help you. Only the mightiest women will be able to live on forever in the tales and songs of the Shield Maidens!