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Shard RPG: Core Books Bundle

$ 99.99

All three of our hard-cover Core Books for Dárdünah, World of the False Dawn, can be purchased simultaneously at a special low price for buying them together as a Bundle! This bundled set includes the Basic Compendium (offering an enormous introduction of our world's history and suggestions for campaign-building, all the primary rules for character-creation, the basic magic ritual system, and general martial arts, plus a bestiary and rich appendices section filled with additional world lore), the Magic and Martial Arts book (which contains detailed rules expansions for both ritual magic as well as the martial arts styles, with a host of individualized rituals branching from the four basic types of sorcery, and a large number of uniquely-individual martial styles representing different aspects of the four essential categories of martial arts), and our World Guide (which delves even more deeply on our world's lore, with sections on all the countries and their cultures with expanded individual histories, chapters on commerce, politics, religion, the medical arts, an expanded bestiary and creature creation system, a listing of native flora, special crystals, a host of NPCs, and so much more)! With this entire set of books you will have at your fingertips all the information and inspiration necessary to enjoy the rich tapestry our world has to offer for a truly cinematic role-playing experience!