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Shadows of Esteren: Side Path

$ 19.99

“You are now only one day’s walk away from your next destination, the village of Esen. It is late spring, and the wind and rain keep you company in the heart of the woods you are progressing through. You follow signs left by Varigals, invisible or incomprehensible to untrained eyes, and at dusk, you reach a small wooden cabin where you decide to spend the night.” Yldiane is a young Varigal who has just left her mentor to follow her own path. On her way back to her native village, she makes a halt in a shelter in the middle of the woods, unaware of what she is about to be embroiled into. What should have just been a short stop on the road becomes an adventure that will require Yldiane to shed light on ancient secrets and on a fiendish conspiracy brewing in this peaceful region of Reizh.

 Explore the Shadows of Esteren universe through a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure interactive story. Be brave, be discerning, and most of all, be wise if you want to overcome the obstacles, mysteries, and enemies awaiting you!

 To play, all you need is this book and something to keep notes on.