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Shadows of Esteren: Haunted House

$ 14.99

For years, the Reizhite medium Ysvan has traveled the roads of Tri-Kazel to find his sister. Accom- panied by his assistant, a young woman named Lelyandra, he will venture into the sinister aban- doned home of the Mac Grym family. No one has dared set foot within these cursed walls since the tragic, maddening events that took place there. Yet, this is where Ysvan will go, never mind the dangers he may face and the ugly truths he may uncover.

 Cross the threshold of Kaer Skarden and open your senses to the unfathomable. Ysvan’s journey will take you beyond the boundaries of sanity for a hair-raising read!

 Shadows of Esteren is a setting inspired by Celtic legends and infused with gothic horror and dark romanticism, brought into existence via several media: role-playing game, music albums, video games... This transmedia project has received many awards internationally.