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Shadows of Esteren: Dark Romanticism Art Book

$ 50.00

Amidst centennial forests and across the moors, mist spreads through the circles of stones. From their monasteries, the followers of the One turn to the almighty power of faith for solace as they fight terrifying sorcerers. In the kingdom of Reizh, the Magientists seek to reshape the society of today to pave the way for tomorrows of discoveries and progress. Everyone struggles against the mysteries of a dangerous world, populated with monstrous creatures— Feondas—and threatened by the proximity of Limbo.

 In this artbook, you will find what constitutes the essence of the world of Esteren through more than 200 artworks, including many yet- unpublished ones. Get ready for a new journey, diving into an intimist, sublime atmosphere...

 Shadows of Esteren is a gothic universe where beauty and dark romanticism blend with horror and tragedy. It exists across several media, including but not limited to a role-playing game, music albums, board games, and video games. An innovating, transmedia project, Shadows of Esteren is the first French creation of its kind to have received a dozen awards from all across the world, including four Ennie Awards at the Indianapolis Gen Con in 2013 and 2016.