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Arcanis: Shadows of a Forsaken Past (PDF)

$ 14.99

The Wall of the Gods has fallen; the Sealed Lands are Sealed no more. Elebac, Master-Smith of the Dwarves, has invited you to the Enclave of Solanos Mor to discuss rumors of an ancient tomb on the far side of the Wall of the Gods. Ancient words, only now understood, speak of a weapon beyond compare that was sealed within the tomb. What will you discover when you shine the light of the present upon the shadows of a forsaken past?

Note to Players of Living Arcanis: because of its length, this adventure is intended for Home Play only, and so it is not advised that conventions order this adventure. This adventure can easily take 5 or more rounds to complete, so be prepared to schedule ample time for play. This adventure includes a special "Glory Tier" difficulty level, designed for those groups who are 15th level and higher who desire more of a challenge than usual (be warned, the Glory Tier includes no additional rewards beyond those of APL 15, and features combats that are considerably more difficult).

This adventure draws upon materials presented in the Player's Guide to Arcanis, Legacy of Damnation, Magic of Arcanis, and Forged in Magic: Revised and Expanded. While it is not required to have any of these books on hand to run this adventure, it is recommended. Relevant rules are included with the adventure.

Although this adventure is designed to be run as part of the LIVING ARCANIS shared-world campaign, it can be played and enjoyed by any group whose adventures take them to the World of Shattered Empires, and it can even be transplanted to other campaign worlds with some effort.

This adventure is designed for 4-16th level characters.

This product is web enhanced. Maps are not included in the file but you can download maps and additional support materials at no charge from livingarcanis.com.

This product includes:

* A continent-spanning adventure that will take many sessions to complete
* New spells
* New feats
* New classes
* New magic items
* New monsters

This product is pure text and therefore extremely printer friendly!