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Shadowrun: Companion

$ 24.99

This book is brand new out of the case. However, please be aware that since it was printed over 2 decades ago the copy you receive may not be in pristine condition. As many of the covers stick together, some cover defects and blemishes may be present. We cannot guarantee or cherry pick a particular condition copy for you.

This expansion builds on and clarifies rules for gamemasters and players, providing a variety of fresh possibilities for making the Shadowrun universe come alive. Fluctuating magic levels, the technology curve and new optional rules, including guidelines from playing everything from DocWagon EMTs to corporate spies, offer unprecedented opportunities to flesh out the Awakened world of Shadowrun and create more exciting adventures.

This is an updated reprint for use with Shadowrun Third Edition. Because some of the material from the original Companion was incorporated into Shadowrun, Third Edition, this version contains nearly one-third new information, including new Edges and Flaws and rules for using ghouls as non-player characters.