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Shadow, Sword & Spell: Under Pahuvanam's Lush PDF

$ 7.99

The name invokes wonderment. It fuels the imagination of storytellers. It fills merchants with a lust for riches.

Covering most of this land is a thick jungle called the Pashuvanam, or Jungle of Beasts. The jungle deserves its name. Fierce monsters and animals plague Beidhanids and Nipuans alike, sometimes destroying entire villages. Over the last few centuries, most of the dangerous creatures have been driven away from major settlements and main roads, giving the inhabitants a sense of security. Still, stories of unspeakable horrors lurking in the jungle’s depth persist—and are regularly proven true.

Under Pashuvanam’s Lush is your introduction to this land. Here you will find adventure, rumor and mysteries. More than a sourcebook, this is an adventure which takes the heroes from the civilization of this land and through the dark foreboding jungles to ruins long forgotten.

What evil lurks under the lush?

Written by Gabriel Brouillard (Colonial Gothic: New France), Under Pashuvanam's Lush is a departure from our regular books. Why? Full color.