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Shadow, Sword & Spell: Gamemaster PDF

$ 6.99

Shadow, Sword & Spell is your game. You, as the Gamemaster, are free to run your game how you want.

With all this freedom, you might get stuck trying to imagine new situations, or how to use the rules to craft the type of game they your players want. That is where this Gamemaster comes in.

Gamemaster is written to bring you new ideas and new means of using Shadow, Sword & Spell and creating a different type of game. Within this book you will find, numerous new ideas and expansions, including:

• Rules for psionics
• New options for domains
• Rules for making settlements into characters
• The ability to create and run games where the domain is the character
• Discussion on dimensions and other planes of existence
• A look at the multiverse
• The effects of coming into contact with extra-planar creatures

Gamemaster gives you more tools for your Shadow, Sword & Spelltoolbox. Use them to create the game you want!