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Spire: The City Must Fall - Shadow Operations

$ 12.00

Hijack a teleporting train. Ensure a wedding goes off without a hitch, despite the assassins and the drunk knights in attendance. Murder the most powerful man in Red Row at his own birthday party. Rescue an ancient high elf rebel frozen in ice whose dreams warp the world around them. Shadow Operations is a sourcebook for Spire: The City Must Fall that includes eleven stand-alone one-shot scenarios designed to be used as quickly and easily as possible. Each is written to a template that allows you to access the important information you need, and a new way of running one-shots is detailed in the appendix, letting you get the most out of the scenarios. Each scenario is written by a different author, including: Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor (Spire, Heart, Honey Heist), Christine Beard (World of Darkness), Jason Pitre (Sig: Manual of the Planes), Sharang Biswas (Honey and Hot Wax), Pam Punzalan (My Big Fat Aswang Wedding) and many others.