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Shadow of the Demon Lord: Forbidden Rules

$ 19.99

     Forbidden Rules provides a comprehensive set of variant and optional rules for use with Shadow of the Demon Lord, letting you reshape the game in a variety of different ways. Whether you’re looking for a points-based casting system or basic rules to kick off games beyond level 10, this supplement has it. Inside this book, you’ll find: Dice rules that range from cooperative tasks to consistent damage, bell curve rolls, and variants in which players make all the rolls. More marks of darkness and rules for using fortune points. Damage reducing armor rules, Wounds to replace damage, Modified dying and death rules, Variant healing methods, Social combat rules, Variant combat options, such as initiative or guidelines for running abstract combats, New ways to use actions in combat plus details on how to handle chases, Optional rules for customizing ancestries, A skill variant to replace professions, A new adept novice path, A system of power points to replace castings! Plus much, much more!

     Using the options in this book helps you tailor your Shadow of the Demon Lord game experience in a variety of new and interesting ways, but even if you don’t alter the underlying system, certain options are perfect expansions for the main game. Do you have the courage to read these Forbidden Pages?