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Shadow of the Demon Lord: A Glorious Death

$ 19.99

Find Your Doom in the Frozen Wastes!

     South, beyond the Empire’s borders, lies a land trapped in ice and snow, a land where people in whom the blood of giants flows, where strange monsters come boiling up from the depths of the earth, spawned by the ichor of gods. It is a place of violence, struggle, and death. It is also a place where heroes are forged on the anvil of adversity. Now you can take on the role of the mighty jotun and find the destiny the gods have written for you. A Glorious Death examines the frozen wastes, the perils it contains, and the peoples living there. In this sourcebook, you’ll find: Rules and story information for playing jotun characters. New expert and master paths including the juggernaut and skald. An assortment of new spells such as call the great raven and bloody revelation. A detailed look at the lands of the frozen wastes, covering the Blasted Lands, the Ice Watch Isles, and mysterious Blötland. New relics and dreadful new creatures like the kraken and the lindorm. “Kill Them All,” an adventure for master characters. A Glorious Death pulls back the curtain to reveal a war torn landscape in which people live and die for the amusement of the Dark Gods. This supplement gives you everything you need to bring these lands to life!