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Seven Worlds Setting Guide (Book & PDF)

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“In the year 2217 Humanity's greatest achievement is the colonization of the nearby star systems now known as the Seven Worlds. Here Humanity lives, thrives, and prepares the next great wave of space exploration. This is the story of how we lost the Seven Worlds, and of the heroes who tried to avert their fall.”

In this realistic science-fiction setting for the Savage Worlds RPG your players take the role of heroes in an epic story reminiscent of the classic arcs of the greatest space opera TV shows and novels. Edge-of-your-seat realistic space battles combine the latest insights of science and weaponry with the easy and quick rules of Savage Worlds. And GMs can navigate the known universe using 3-D maps available for most popular tablets, smartphones and computers at http://www.sevenworldsrpg.com.