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Sects of the Martial World: Temple of the Jade Mercies PDF

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A Temple of Supreme Hypocrisy

Temple of the Jade Mercies is a new Martial Sect for the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate roleplaying game. To the outside world, the Temple is a place of contemplation and compassion, but behind their walls beats the heart of a vast criminal network. They are a den of cruel and greedy tomb raiders led by the pleasure seeking Grand Abbot Lao and his greedy right hand man, Smiling Abbot. The monks and nuns of the Jade Temples offer lay people mercy with one hand and steal with the other. They do not need to beg when they can take what they desire. Aided by a group of bandits called the Blades of the Lotus, they attack caravans and plunder graves for artifacts to sell on the black market. It is better to join the temple than be a victim of its excesses.

This PDF includes stats for members of Temple of the Jade Mercies and The Blades of the Lotus, new objects and weapons, and new Kung Fu Techniques. It is designed to be dropped into any campaign as needed.