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Sea of Thieves: A Tale of Two Captains

$ 59.99

 Pay attention, swabbies! Something new has sailed into the Sea of Thieves… Being a pirate in the Sea of Thieves takes bravery, skill and a casual approach to death. But old pirates can get bored with the same routine: Find the ‘X’, kill the skellies, take the treasure and sell at the outpost. The last thing anyone wants is bored pirates, because that soon leads to fires, looting and cannonballs hitting below the waterline. How do you avoid bored pirates? Give them new ways to be brave, skilful and dead. What pirate wouldn’t like that change?  A Tale of Two Captains is a supplement for the Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game with a fleet’s worth of new rules, enemies, locations, NPCs and more. Now, a tabletop crew can sell Dark Relics, throw firebombs, explore the Molten Sands Fortress, ‘sink’ ghost ships and have even more proper piratin’ fun.  Within are rules covering these video game updates: Dark Relics; Smuggler’s Fortune; Fort of the Damned; Seabound Soul; Festival of Giving; Legends of the Sea; Crews of Rage; Heart of Fire; Ships of Fortune; Lost Treasures; Haunted Shores; Ashen Winds; Vaults of the Ancients; Plus two complete Voyages, Hunting the White Lady and Juliana’s Heart! Fight glowing Shadows of Fate Skeletons to get a Treasure Vault. Fire chainshot at masts when your ship is atop a wave’s crest. Clear a skeleton fort and use the treasure to become an Emissary. And finally, get a proper pirate look with a parrot on your shoulder. Are you ready for what the Sea of Thieves has to offer?

A Tale of Two Captains requires the Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game in order to play. The Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game is based on the wildly popular Sea of Thieves video game for Xbox, Windows 10 PC and Steam.