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Scion Second Edition: Masks of the Mythos

$ 55.00

The Mythos is older than humanity, Gods, and Titans, with an unknowable otherness
that can shatter them all. This slumbering horror lurks in the shadows, carrying out its
alien machinations with little regard for those beneath it until it requires pawns.
Those that touch the Mythos are forever altered. The World explodes into full view for
them, leaving some shattered, others power-mad, and still others knowing only secrecy
protects humanity. Mythos Scions fair little better, empowered by these alien beings that
alter their very essence, the ability to break Fate and leave the walls of reality weaker in
their wake. These human embodiments of the Mythos are not good or evil; such easily
definable morality is for lesser beings. What does one do when their power comes with
a cost?
Some highlights of Masks of the Mythos include:
● An entire new pantheon: the Mythos
● A trove of new Callings and relics
● Expanded investigation rules
● A detailed tour of the Miskatonic Hollow, including Arkham and Innsmouth
● An introductory scenario for a new band of Scions
Do you have the willpower to face the Mythos? To become the Mythos…?