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Thunderscape: Class Guide 2 - Saints & Sinners: A Guide to Thaumaturges and Fallen PF

$ 24.99

Cloak Yourself in Faith & Darkness! The Known Lands of Aden are a dangerous and often dark place. Among the braves and most faithful of Aden’s people, the Thaumaturges walk boldly into the shadows, the brilliant light of legend and myth steeling their will and protecting them from harm even in the most sinister of circumstances. The Fallen, on the other hand, have been touched by the darkness against their will, and now they blend into the shadows to strike back at the evil that seeks to lay claim to their eternal souls. No matter how great the danger, no matter how deep the shadows, the Thaumaturges and the Fallen are there to lead the way. It’s time to take Aden back from the Darkfall!