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S5E: Augmented Operative Registry (5E)

$ 39.99

The Augmented Operative Registry (AOR) catalogues over a hundred superpowered beings, both friendly and dangerous.

Within, you’ll find over fifty superpowered individuals, both heroic and villainous; some of these remarkable individuals operate alone, defending their neighborhoods or planning crimes by themselves, but many more are a part of a superteam. Some teams are heroes striving to protect the world from grave threats, whereas others are more selfish, using their powers to benefit non one but themselves. You can use these superpowered people to populate your game world; some can serve as the giants of your heroic pantheon or the existential threats to your nation, whereas others work on a smaller scale, defending a neighborhood, or a city, fighting for the people.

In addition to the 50+ superpowered people, the AOR contains a variety of augmented threats. These include mundane dangers such as combat robots, assassins, and mercenaries, as well as threats more exotic, such as alien invaders, extradimensional monstrosities, ancient eldritch horrors, and even mythological entities awakened from millennia of slumber.

Finally, the AOR contains a miscellany of others dangers that heroes might encounter, depending on the nature of the superheroic tale. These include monsters out of horror films, government surveillance drones out of superspy suspense tales, and high tech foes from futuristic science fiction stories. With the AOR you can experience any kind of superheroic adventure, from classic four-color comic action, to paranoid conspiracy theory, to far future fantasy. Whatever story you want to tell, the AOR has the allies, foes, threats, and mysteries you need!