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Runes Set 4, Mini-Game #35 PDF

$ 2.49

Taking a deep breath the young witch cast out her rune stones and screamed the spell of summoning. With a puff of multi-colored smoke the spirit tiger leaped to the ground before her, the great green beast prancing about, ready to leap at the first foe she ordered it to kill. In response the wizard across the grove summoned a wall of swirling light and sound. The witch smiles an evil grin though, for she has just the spell to counter this magical wall and thus seal her foe's fate. 


This is Runes, a game of magical battle, spell casting and summoning. Can you out fight your foe, using the mystical Rune stones and your chosen field of magic. A new and innovative game system, the Rune's game system is fully expandable and compatible with other Runes games. So why wait, go out and find some adventure and play Runes. 


The fourth set to this exciting game covers the magical fields of Wizardry and elemental Fire.

Do you dare step into the mystical worlds of Runes.

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #29, Runes Set 1