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Runes Set 3, Mini-Game #32 PDF

$ 2.49

Kord cursed the gods as the Amazon's sword pierced his side, blood welling up out of the wound as the pain starting to send stars across his eye. The young mage knew he was in trouble, the damned Amazon servant of his foe had nearly killed him with her last assault, and Kord knew in his bones that the warrior woman's next thrust with the sword could very well be his last. 


Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he cast out his last three rune stones while chanting the spell. With a flash and a silent explosion, the Amazon was turned to dust. Taking a sigh of relief the young wizard then turned to face his true foe, the sorceress Figga, who was herself in the act of casting another spell of her own. 


This is Runes, a game of magical battle, spell casting and summoning. Can you out fight your foe, using the mystical Rune stones and your chosen field of magic. A new and innovative game system, the Rune's game system is fully expandable and compatible with other Runes games. So why wait, go out and find some adventure and play Runes. 


The third set to this exciting game covers the magical fields of Conjuration and elemental Air.

Do you dare step into the mystical worlds of Runes.

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #29, Runes Set 1.