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Runes Set 1, Mini-Game #27 PDF

$ 4.99

Jard gathered the mystical rune stones into his hand and threw them out into the air before him. As the stones flew into the mist filled night they stopped their flight and hung before the young wizard, spinning about each other in a magical dance. With the Runes now ready, Jord called the spell to mind and began to chant the rites of summoning. With a blast of multi-colored light and a puff of foul smelling smoke, a green furred wolf leaped out of the magical doorway the rune stones had opened. Standing nearly as tall as the short mage, the wolf growled and then bowed its head in obedience to its master.

Turning, Jord commanded the great wolf to leap at his foe, a minor conjurer who had challenged Jord to a duel. Jord only hoped that the wolf he had just summoned would be enough to finish the other mage off, as that was the last of Jord's runes stones and so the end of his own magic.

This is Runes, a game of magical battle, spell casting and summoning. Can you out fight your foe, using the mystical rune stones and your chosen field of magic. A new and innovative game system, the Rune's game system is fully expandable and compatible with other Runes games. So why wait, go out and find some adventure and play Runes.

The first set of this exciting game covers the magic of Sorcery and the elemental power of Water.

Do you dare step into the mystical worlds of Runes.