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Runes, Mystic Items, Set 5, Mini-Game #37 PDF

$ 2.49

Jard drew his magical sword as the Ice Ape charged. With a swift upward swing of the glowing blade the young mage cut the mighty beast in two, all to the surprise of both the ape, and its master, who now stood defenseless before Jord. Buying this sword was the best thing he ever had done Jord thought to himself as his wizard foe bowed his head in defeat. 


This is Runes, Mystic Items, and a fun expansion for the Runes system. Now add mystical items to your magical arsenal and see if your foe would rather run then fight you. This is not a full game in and of itself, but an expansion to the Runes game system, and thus you will need a copy of that rules system to use this product. 


This set of cards for the Runes game allows you to arm your mage with magical swords and mystic armors. The set comes with 30 full color cards and the rules needed to add this exciting expansion to the game system. A must have expansion if you love playing Runes. 

Do you dare step into the mystical worlds of Runes.

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #29, Runes Set 1.