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RuneQuest: Glorantha Bestiary - Hardcover

$ 39.99

Allies, Enemies, and Monsters to challenge your adventurers!

The RuneQuest: Glorantha Bestiary contains over 180 creatures of mythic fantasy. They range from weak to apocalyptically powerful, allowing a RuneQuest gamemaster to choose the right creature to suit any need.

The RuneQuest: Glorantha Bestiary is a melting pot of mythic fantasy entities, each one with the potential to seed an entire adventure.

Dive into Elder Races, creatures of Chaos, monsters, natural animals, dinosaurs, giant and unusual insects, spirit entities, summoned magical beings, and noteworthy plants!

What’s Inside?

Each entry includes attributes, hit locations, armor, weapons, special attacks, skills, languages, magic, and more.

New Character Creation Options

Non-human species detailed for use as player character adventurers. Play as one of the elves, dwarfs, centaurs, dark trolls or great trolls, as well as unique baboons and ducks, Morokanth, Men-and-a-half, trollkin, and minotaurs. Each playable heritage is complete with their unique professions, cults, and magic.

A Player's Companion

Useful information for players, including details on companion animals and mounts, as well as allied spirits. Adventurers with summoning magic will find full details for all of the creatures, spirits, and elementals they can summon, speeding up play with all the information at your fingertips.

Each entry details the myths and history, subtypes, description, culture, government, religion, region of origin, and more. Adventuring races are expanded in considerable detail, giving you everything you need to dream up your own unique characters and adversaries for your players to encounter.

The Terrors of Glorantha

The most horrific and powerful entities walking the world of Glorantha, such as the enormous Crimson Bat, the three-bodied Chaos horror Cwim, the Chaos gaggle, and the Fiend of Cacodemon.