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Leagues of Adventure: Rocket Race - A Steampunk Rocket Building Card Game

$ 24.99

Welcome to a New Age of Weird Science!

The Leagues of Adventure are gentlemen’s clubs, social clubs, scientific societies, and collectives of like-minded individuals striving to achieve various cultural, social, and scientific objectives, as well as earn public recognition for their deeds.

Each player represents the combined resources of one such League that has taken up the challenge to construct and launch a Moon rocket!
In order to achieve this magnificent feat you need to assemble a rocket comprising a Capsule, a Propulsion system, and a Steering mechanism, plus any Accessories you think might help you in your noble quest!

Rocket Race is a brilliant little game – but don’t take our word for it! Check out what independent reviewers are saying:


A tabletop review site by Jonathan Nelson.

“It’s fairly simple to learn and play. It’s one that almost any player will be able to find a version that they enjoy. …I really enjoyed playing it. I recommend that you give it a try. You might just enjoy it as much as we did!”

—Jonathan Nelson, Gaming Bits


A website devoted to all things nerdy!

“Rocket Race, is one of those perfect filler games that has a lot of replay ability and the fact that it is also two games in one makes this sure to be one that will comes off the shelf a lot, especially if you are playing with more than two players you can get two different games out of this in one night!”



Polyhedron Collider has a website devoted to games af all shapes and sizes! They’ve given us a great little review for Rocket Race!

“To give you an idea of how much I enjoy this game, I played a demo at this year’s UK Games Expo and immediately bought a copy! Rocket Race is a quick and silly game that crams a huge amount of competition into a tiny box.”



Grim Tree Games is a UK based online games store who have just released this really new review of Rocket Race!

“I really like it! Its quick and easy and is a really nice filler game… Its one of those games that bring people in and gets them all talking”


Rocket Race Contains:
• 57 Cards
• Two 6-sided Dice
• 60 Cog Counters
• Rules Booklet