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Rocket Age 5E: RPG Corebook (Hardcover)

$ 59.99

Welcome to the 1938 that should have been and the Solar System that never was! Rocket Age (5e) brings the radium punk sci-fi of Rocket Age to the same engine that drives the most popular fantasy role-playing game. Inside you will find:

  • Complete 5e rules for the seventeen species of the Solar System, from the mighty Venusians to the bizarre Metisians, including seven different castes of Martians.
  • 5 classes, each with at least 3 subclasses. Will you be an Agent, Explorer, Scientist, Scoundrel, or Soldier?
  • A host of new backgrounds suitable for playing the Solar System of Rocket Age.
  • All the equipment you will need, such as RAY pistols, disintegrators, datapads, and Ganymedian grown equipment.
  • A complete psychic power system that allows any character to gain these esoteric abilities.
  • Vehicles ranging from motorcycles and rocket packs, through tanks and war walkers, and on to the stars of the show, the rocket ships that allow travel and warfare to spread across the planets.
  • Ancient Artifacts left behind by long dead technologically advanced civilizations.
  • Dozens of alien beasts to fight, fellow sophonts to struggle against, and Nazis to punch.
  • The entire Rocket Age setting, from the secret Nazi base on Mercury to the mechanizations of the Europans in the moons of Jupiter. The focus is on Venus and Mars, but the action can fly to the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter and its moons, or even further out to Pluto. Discover the secret Nazi research base on Mercury, explore the jungles of Venus, delve into the ancient ruins of Mars, and fly the strange moons of Jupiter or even the sky islands of the king of gas giants.
  • Fight with or work for one of many organizations active across the Solar System, such as the famed Rocket Rangers, the agitators of the Interplanetary Comintern, the detectives of Wolfgang and Long PIs, and others.
  • Plus rules for space travel, gravity, bizarre alien environments, diseases, poisons, and so much more.