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Robot Jocks, Mini-Game #10 PDF

$ 4.99

Lopez struggled to regain his balance after the servo of missiles slammed into his robot. The sheer force of the missiles combined explosions nearly knocked him to his knees. Even so his skill at the controls allowed him to not only stabilize the massive robot, but to even bring himself into a good position to use his own heavy weapon.

With a flick of his trigger finger, Lopez's robot fired the massive fusion cannon which belched forth a deadly stream of super heat gas. Johnson's robot took it full in the face and fell backwards, crashing to the arena floor with a might thud.

The crowd roared as Lopez took his victory lap around the arena, one more foe defeated by his superior robot driving skills and weaponry.

This is yet another great Mini-Game by Avalon Games. Take your might robot's weapon systems into the national arena and fight other robots. Try to out maneuver, out fight and just plain out last your foe in this unique, and fun, card based game.