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Rippers Resurrected Collector’s Box Set

$ 119.99

Collector’s Box Set containing: S2P10320 Rippers Resurrected Player’s Guide (Softcover), S2P10321 Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Guide (Softcover), S2P10322 Rippers Resurrected GM Screen, S2P10323 Rippers Resurrected Frightful Expeditions (Softcover), S2P10324 Rippers Map Set: Castle Courtyard/Country House, S2P10325 Rippers Map Set: Urban Alleys/Ancient Tombs, S2P10326 Rippers Map Set: World of Rippers/Rippers Lodge, S2P10327 Rippers Action Decks, Rippers Bennies (20) and Rippers Dice Set.  Retail Value over $175.00.