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Rifts World Book 9: South America Two

$ 26.99

Rifts South America is a hotbed of intrigue and conflict. There are the mysteries of the Nazca Lines (a magic, alien defense system), the return of ancient gods, alien invaders, mutants, Inca undead, transdimensional raiders, and more. Tons of great new character classes, magic, weapons, armor and equipment.

Highlights Include:

  • Over 30 new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s.
  • The Nazca Line Maker and Line Drawing magic that creates energy animals, armor and wonders.
  • Larhold magic of the Blue Flame.
  • The return of the Inca Empire. A growing human power led and inspired by the return of the Inca gods.
  • The Silver River Republic is a collection of human and D-Bee alliances constantly involved in conspiracies, alliances and war.
  • War machines that rival the CS or Triax!