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Rifts World Book 31: Triax Two

$ 26.99

Triax™ Two is the long awaited and hotly anticipated sequel to the hugely popular Rifts® World Book 5: Triax & The NGR™ (more than 100,000 copies sold). A ton of new weapons, vehicles, power armor, giant robots and much more make this a toy box Rifts fans will not be able to resist.

  • 27 new Triax weapons plus new body armor and additional gear.
  • 10 new Triax giant robots including the Talon and Devastator Mk II.
  • 10 cars and commercial vehicles plus more than 50 special features.
  • 9 new robot drones including robot assistants, pets and Spy 'Bots.
  • 6 new Triax power armor suits, including the Predator II, Ulti-Max II, War Eagle, Fat Boy, and a flying Glitter Boy.
  • 5 new aircraft and other combat vehicles.
  • The New Luftwaffe - not what you are expecting.
  • Cybernetic airframes and Cyborg Combat Pilot O.C.C. that will blow your mind.
  • Drop ships, deployment pods and makeshift fortifications.
  • Mobile NGR forts and bases.
  • Zoom, Atomix Powder, Rat & other drinks that augment the user.
  • History of the NGR and the Gargoyle War.
  • History of Triax.
  • The VGN - German Black Market.
  • Mercenaries, adventurers, work for hired guns and Gargoyle bounties.
  • The New German Republic, its society, and key cities.
  • The Autobahn, Railbahn and other places of interest.
  • The New German Republic's military and plans for the future.
  • The latest on the Gargoyle War and Gargoyle Empire.
  • Mercenaries, adventurers, outsiders and surprises.
  • Update on the Gargoyle Empire and surrounding region.
  • More ideas for battles and adventure.