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Rifts World Book 29: Madhaven

$ 22.99

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The ruins of Manhattan - better known as Madhaven - are a place of madness, ghosts and monsters. For some the ruins offer the promise of ancient secrets, power or treasure. For the mutants who inhabit the shattered landscape, it is truly a haven. For the Knights of the White Rose it is a hiding place. For many others, however, Madhaven is their doom.

  • The ruins of Manhattan, its history, its curse and its inhabitants.
  • The Mutants of Madhaven; 7 new optional player characters or villains.
  • The ghosts and monsters of Madhaven and their weird powers.
  • The Knights of the White Rose, their secret and their redemption.
  • The magical White Rose, the greatest healing power on Rifts Earth.
  • Techno-Wizard weapons and devices, plus M.D.C. bone weapons.
  • Adventure setting, ideas and more.