Rifts World Book 24: China One - The Yama Kings

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There is no place on Rifts Earth more exotic, magical and dangerous than China, especially since the Hell of the Yama Kings has bled into the mortal plane.

  • 33 Chinese Demons, including Yaksha the Tiger and the Naga.
  • 8 Chinese Goblins and the Naga-Spawn (semi-divine humans).
  • 5 Chinese Ghosts, plus the Terra-Cotta Warriors.
  • 24 Demonic Curses.
  • 11 provinces and the Yama Kings who rule them.
  • The eight Hells on Earth.
  • The Dragonlands, the Ghost City, Qingping Market, City of the Future, Wuchang, and many other notable places.
  • World overview, maps and adventure ideas galore.