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Rifts Sourcebook: The Shemarrian Nation

$ 20.99

The Shemarrians, the phantom right arm of Archie Three and a force to be reckoned with in the wild woods beyond the Eastern Wall (the Allegheny Mountains). An in-depth look at the fabricated femme fatales, their false society, and the schemes and dreams that Archie and Hagan have in store for them.

  • The Shemarrians and their place in the Eastern Wilderness. How the regional factions and power blocs view the warrior women and how the Shemarrians (and Archie) view them.
  • Shemarrian history, society, and culture.
  • Shemarrian Secrets: They are really androids fabricated by Archie-Three.
  • New types, war mounts and weapons of Shemarrians.
  • Over a dozen android and robot minions of Archie Three, including the Avian Spy, Shemarrian Pariah, and the so-called R'Mar Alien.
  • Shemarrian as and Optional Player Character.