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Rifts Lazlo Raw Preview

$ 25.99

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Rifts® Lazlo is a wonder and something of an idealistic utopia. A noble experiment and place of learning and education, peace and tolerance, where all manner of people are accepted. A place where its people that strive to be better, braver, bolder, and kinder. An oasis of calm and goodness in a world that is still climbing out of the smoldering ruins and chaos of the Great Cataclysm and the Coming of the Rifts.

Lazlo attracts mages and creatures of magic and dimensional travelers from across the infinite Megaverse. Here visitors can safely rub shoulders with adventures, mages, mercs, and D-Bees, dragons and sphinx, mages and soldiers of all sorts. They come from the Federation of Magic, Tolkeen, the Vampire Kingdoms, South America, Atlantis, and anywhere on Rifts Earth and beyond. This makes Lazlo a place of opportunity for those bold enough to accept the challenge.

Many of these visiting outsiders come to Lazlo bristling with rumors and tales of adventure. They speak of their exploits, treasures to be won, monsters and villains to be slain or opposed, towns and people to be liberated, places to explore (on and off world), and other opportunities for the bold. Many are looking to hire or partner with like-minded visiting adventurers (e.g. the player characters), or to finance a group to go on missions and treasure hunts or are paid well to do a service no questions asked.

Get your first glimpse of Lazlo with the Rifts® Lazlo Raw Preview.

  • An overview of the Free State of Lazlo.
  • Its government, business districts, Schools of Magic, and more.
  • New magic O.C.C.s.
  • New Techno-Wizard items and armor.
  • New spells.
  • Erin Tarn, notable characters, notable places.
  • Adventure ideas and more.
  • Only 350 copies of this limited collector’s item are available.