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Rifts Dimension Book 7: Megaverse Builder

$ 20.99

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Your guide to creating your own corner of the infinite Megaverse®. The big picture of how the Megaverse® works, plus rules and suggestions for creating your own dimension.

  • Dimension creation rules.
  • Dimensional storms and anomalies.
  • Dimensional monsters and travelers.
  • The dimensions of Spires, the Great Machine, and the Garbage Pit.
  • Dozens of Hook, Line and Sinker™ adventure outlines and ideas for many more.
  • The Shifter O.C.C. expanded, exotic Familiars & summoning table.
  • Tolkeen Artifact Hunter O.C.C. and Scavenger O.C.C.
  • Designer notes, suggestions, tips & hints for dimension building.