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Rifts Dimension Book 12: Dimensional Outbreak

$ 26.99

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This Minion War™ book is brimming with amazing source material, ideas, new demons, new Deevils, new magic spells, new spaceships, more about Phase World and Center, and the escalating War. A companion to Hades and Dyval™ as war spills into Phase World®, the city of Center and the Three Galaxies™.

  • Phase World's Center described and mapped.
  • Demon Knights, Star Slayers, demonic legions & more.
  • Demonic spaceships, magic weapons and new horrors.
  • Deevil fortifications and defenses.
  • Demon Magic (new).
  • Spaceships, power armor and other gear.
  • The plot for conquering the Three Galaxies and more.
  • A stand-alone Dimension Book that is also the third step in the epic, five book Minion War™ series.