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Rifts Conversion Book Three: Dark Conversions

$ 26.99

The focus of Dark Conversions™ is on creatures of darkness and other monsters such as Alien Intelligences, Elementals, were-beasts, vampires, weird supernatural beings, the Nightbane and others. If you are looking for practitioners of dark magic, villains, monsters and vile horrors to pit against your heroes, this is the sourcebook for you. Many creatures also have notes on how they fit into the Rifts Earth setting and where they may be encountered.

  • 130 monsters statted out and described for your inclusion in Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, Phase World® or any Mega-Damage setting.
  • Were-Beasts, Gremlins, Gargoyles and spirits.
  • Undead legions, Demon and Deevil hordes from the world of Palladium Fantasy RPG®.
  • Conversions for the Nightbane® and the Nightlords™ and their minions.
  • Alien Intelligence creation rules and tables.
  • Elemental beings of lesser and greater stature.
  • Entities and monsters from Beyond the Supernatural™.
  • Dark Magic: Witches, Shifters, Diabolists, and Summoners.