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Rifts: Coalition Manhunters – A Secrets of the Coalition States Sourcebook

$ 26.99

The Rifts® CS Manhunters Sourcebook has turned into an essential psionics sourcebook in a similar vein to the Rifts® Bionics Sourcebook, only in this case the focus is on psychics, psionic abilities, and the new villains you will love to hate: The CS Manhunters. This information-packed sourcebook includes the CS Manhunters, who are a super-secret league of assassins and enforcers that answer only to Emperor Prosek; the secret “thought police” of Psi-Ops; re-visitation and clarifications about select psionic abilities; Dog Boys and Kill Hounds; 50+ new psionic powers that are fun and intuitive; and insight about life in the Coalition States, CS psychics, Psi-Stalkers, the Minion War, CS citizens, and Emperor Prosek as well as some gadgets, implants, and surprises. This book has it all. An instant classic all Rifts® fans will want to own.

  • 50+ new psionic abilities and revisits of some favorites. Powers available to most psychic O.C.C.s.
  • 9 CS Manhunter O.C.C.s, their orientation and areas of specialty. Each with unique, exclusive psionic powers and abilities.
  • CS Manhunter background, operations, special ops, and more.
  • Dog Boy O.C.C. revisited.
  • CS Kill Hound O.C.C. revisited.
  • Some of Emperor Prosek’s secrets revealed.
  • Insight about the Coalition States and its citizens.
  • Deciphering the Seven Dangers Prophecy (101 P.A. and appearing in Rifts® Sourcebook 2: Mechanoid Invasion).
  • Secrets of Psi-Ops Division and insight about Coalition psychics.
  • The impact of the demon plagues unleashed by the Minion War.