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Renaissance Deluxe

$ 39.99

     Renaissance Deluxe is a set of role-playing rules for the age of sail and piracy; of black powder weaponry and religious wars; of discovery, colonisation, and the rise of merchant capitalism. Using the D100-based system first introduced in Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition, it provides all you need for historical/alternate/fantasy gaming in a world of flintlocks and steel. It features familiar mechanics, grim and gritty combat, extensive period weapons and equipment lists, dozens of professions, and rules for factions and belief systems. It also includes two magick systems - Battle Alchemy and Witchcraft. The Deluxe edition has been expanded with new weapons and factions, and historical notes for the period from the Renaissance to the Napoleonic era, as well as new rules for Sanity and Quick Combat. Numerous other optional rules are included, as well as extensive notes and ideas for games masters. All rules are optional, allowing you to tailor the mechanics to your own campaign.