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Reaper Miniature Transport Empty

$ 29.99

Studio 2 Publishing's Reaper Miniature Transport case is one of the most innovative and flexible miniature transport systems ever designed. Full access to all trays, the ability to stack, and heavy-duty construction put this transport case at the forefront of design and application in the realm of transporting miniature models of all types. Check out the full line of foam trays that fit the Reaper Miniature Transport.


The Ultimate Miniature Game accessory features:


Full top and back zipper opening for easy access to each tray.
Hard plastic clips to attach one or more cases together.
Deluxe easy-pull zipper.
Book and Accessory Pockets inside
Heavy Duty Adjustable shoulder strap with slip resistant shoulder pad. Also features a top lid handle for easy carrying.
Rubber foot pads provide a slip resistant surface and additional support for heavy mini's.
Durable nylon construction with double stiched seams.
Water Repellent and easy to clean.