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Realms, Total War, Mini-Game #26 PDF

$ 4.99

The sounds of horns and the cries of men as they rush to battle, these sounds of war have been heard about the mighty Realms for ages. Now the battle of the many races has exploded into total war, a war to see who will rule the many lands of mighty Realms. 


Realms, Total War, is the newest expansion for the Realms system. Now you can expand you Realms struggles with more tactical considerations, more magic, more troops and more fun. So gather a gang of friends together and have a few hours of glorious war, excitement and gaming fun. 

Note that Realms, Total War, is not a complete game, and requires that you have one or more copies of the Realms games.

 Note that this is npt a complete game and will require that you have a copy of Mini-Game #5, Realms, Elves Vs. Orcs.