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Realms, Knights Vs. Demons, Mini-Game #12 PDF

$ 2.49

Sir Thomus spurred his warhorse as he and the other knights of his order charged the demons. The foul stench of their foe flowed over him as his trusted mount screamed in terror as the two slammed into the ranks of hell. Dark, foul blood flew as the knight's lance bit deep into one of the hell spawned thing, but even as he and the other knights crushed their foes under the hooves of the war horses, still more of the demons poured through the magical gateway. 


"Would it ever end"? Sir Thomus said to himself as he fought deeper into the army of hell, trying in vain to reach the dark wizard that stood before the gateway to hell. 


Realms is another Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Take the side of the bright human nations or the foul demon hoards, as the two battle for control of the world. A fast paced fantasy game of warfare, spells, magical items and mighty beasts, all will be under you control as you battle your foe.

Can you out last, out fight and out maneuver your enemy, or will you fall to their sharp edged sword.

Note that this is not a compete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #5, Realms, Elves vs. Orcs.