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Ravaged Earth: The World of High-Powered Pulp PDF

$ 19.99

Ravaged Earth: The World of High-Powered Pulp

In 1898, the Martians came. They devastated our lands, they ravaged our earth. They slew without mercy and they died without tears when our germs struck them down and toppled their metal machines over the course of the longest weeks in the history of our world. However, from their corpses we found a gift, the present of Aetherium, which has forever changed the course of our destiny. Our burnt fields have grown lush new grasses in the decades that have passed, hiding the scars our planet has suffered. Our buildings have been rebuilt far better than they ever were before, but humanity has been forever changed and our wounds run far deeper than we could ever imagine.

Some question whether Aetherium is a blessing or a curse. Certainly advances have come with this secret knowledge, but so has war. Great good has come, but so has great evil. People have changed in ways that go unnoticed by the naked eye inmany cases, but is some have changed, is it not possible that all have changed? These powers that have poured over our planet must certainly be unnatural and our world, our poor dear world, is now and forever more a Ravaged Earth.

Fast Forward: 1936: You are one of the Ravaged, a person altered by the mysterious powers of Aetherium. How that came about is up to you. No one knows how many Ravaged exist. Most try to keep a low profile. Most try to get by. You, on the other hand, have long felt a greater purpose, a greater destiny, was in store for you. That destiny begins today.

Using the award-winning Savage Worlds engine, Ravaged Earth is a pulp setting both eerily familiar and uniquely its own.

This is a PDF downloadable title. Includes both original and printer friendly versions!