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Radiant Offline Battle Arena: Trophy Pack

$ 3.33

Radiant: Offline Battle Arena (ROBA) is the MOBA-inspired strategy card game where heroes and legends clash to claim the ultimate prize. Draft your team, challenge your friends, become a champion!

ROBA is a fast-paced tactical game for two players. It can be taught in five minutes, but offers a challenge that will test the skills of even veteran gamers to their limit. ROBA pits a colorful and diverse cast of heroes against each other using a dynamic deck-drafting mechanic that offers rewarding depth and lasting replay value.

Trophy Packs are one of the ways in which we aim to better support organized play at both game stores and premium level events like our Clash Series tournaments. Trophy packs contain foiled versions of a wide variety of cards from existing ROBA products. Foiled heroes, foiled skill cards, foiled deities and more. Each pack contains 11 Foil cards.