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Radiant Offline Battle Arena: Champion Edition

$ 60.00

Glory Awaits!

Radiant: Champion Edition is the ultimate collection of the award-winning tactical combat card game, Radiant. in this box you will find every Radiant expansion collected in one place. Champion Edition includes all the cards from:

  • The Radiant Core Set
  • Roster Expansion #1: Welcome to the Arena
  • Roster Expansion #2: The Haunting of Dun Cruach
  • Roster Expansion #3: Wardens of the White Forest

Draft your team, challenge your friends, become a champion!

Radiant: Champion Edition is improved, expanded and updated version of the award winning Radiant strategy card game. All 18 heroes are collected in one place, offering a deep and replayable strategy game for two players.

Praise for Radiant:

"You're going to want to play this game a lot and sample all of the different heroes, try different hero combinations, and see how their cards come into play. You're getting a ton of replayability here." - Man vs Meeple

"There are so many different two player combat card games out there, you've gotta do something different. I feel that this one does something different." - Gaming Rules!

"I really enjoyed the pared back approach to MOBA gaming. This is a game where you can just get the cards and GO!" - Board Deck and Dice

"I love this game. I'll play it any time. I plan to play it many times in the future." - The Board Game Kaptain