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Quantum Black: Dark Designs

$ 21.99

Horror is at the door!

     As Quantum Black continues its battle with the forces of darkness, new foes assault our reality. An onslaught of twisted cults, alien horrors, and primal godlike beings threaten our existence. Join Quantum Black as it fights to stem the dark tide. Quantum Black Dark Designs is filled with invaluable new material for your Quantum Black game, including: World Building! New information about the internal workings of Quantum Black, including new bases and secret labs! Character Options! Additional character options, featuring an emphasis on characters for the combat-oriented “Spider Teams” who tackle the most dangerous missions. New Archetypes, Team Roles, Motivations, Talents, and Flaws are presented. New Weapons and Gear! New weapons ranging from the Vanquisher shotgun weapon system to the Mjolnir railgun! Drones and Vehicles! We provide expanded rules for vehicles and drones, including jamming and hijacking drones. We also present new vehicles and a wide variety of new drone models, including aquatic drones. We also include a new rules for designing and building drones for your campaign, and rules for modifying drones on the fly while in the field. New Foes! We present five new organizations to battle, ranging from the environmentalist, Cthulhu-worshiping, Church of the Starry Dawn to the dark corporate doppelganger of Quantum Integrated Technologies, Wynne Intelligent Systems. New Horrors! Nine new creatures, ranging from cryptids such as the giant, lizard Buru to extradimensional threats such as the ravenous Varstak. And Much More!